Analysis of Physical and Sensory Characteristic of Chocolate Candy from the Defated Peanut Powder Composition and Porang Flour (Amorphophallus oncophyllus)

Deliana Anthonio, Bambang Susilo, Rini Yulianingsih


The problem that occurs in chocolate candy is the decrease of physical quality such as fat blooming, the product wiil not last in high surounding temperature (chocolate resistant) and oil separation. The production of chocolate candy with addition of defated peanut powder and porang flour expected to increase the solidity and stability of the product, and the diversification form of food product. The purposes of this research are to determine the effect of variation in the composition of defated peanut powder and porang flour on physical properties and sensory evaluation of chocolate, and to determine the mass balance mechanism that happens in the chocolate candy process. The research method was randomized complete design arranged in a factorial with two factor. The first factor is composition of defated peanut powder 15, 14 and 13%. The second factor is concentration of porang flour 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5%. Results of analysis showed that the best treatment the texture (hardness) value of 6.33 kg/cm2, water content 9.142%, stability of product 90 minute/5gr, organoleptic taste assessment taste 5.3 (somewhat like), the smell 5.1 (somewhat like), the colour 5.1 (somewhat like),the texture 5.1 (somewhat like) and fat blooming persentation 5.54%

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