Analysis of Processing Temperature and Brix Degree Effect to the Phisico-Chemistry and Sensory characteristics of Liquid Coconut Sugar using Vacuum Processing Method

Agung Sukoyo, Bambang Dwi Argo, Rini Yulianingsih


Coconut sugar as the product of conventional processing commonly has a solid form; thus, it should be sliced and melted before using it. That is not efficient for consumers and traditional producers, therefore the new liquid product of coconut sugar need to be produced. A new kind product of coconut sugar in liquid form is a kind of breakthrough that is expected to facilitate consumers in using it. This research is intended to find the effect of processing temperature and Brix Degree to Psycho-Chemistry and sensory  characteristics of liquid coconut sugar. Moreover, this research also designed to find the proper formula in processing liquid coconutsugar. The research method was randomized complete design arranged in a factorial with two factor. The first factor consists of two levels, while the second factor consists of four levels. First factor (factor I) use vacuum 600 and 70 0 C as the processing variation degree. Second Factor (Factor II) is Brix degree in 600, 650, 700,750 Brix.The result shows that the value of the most proper treatment are on liquid coconut sugar treated by using evaporator vacuum at 600C and brix degree of 75. At this treatment the value of viscosity is 3696.67 Cp, reduction sugar of 6.44 %, pH 5.90, color parameter of R 109, G 55,33, and B 49,33,  organoleptik taste is 5,65 (approximately like), texture of 5,35 (approximately like), aroma on 5,10 (approximately like) and color on 5,20 (approximately like).

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